I Will Keep Standing


I will keep standing on Your promises, which are true, to fight the lies of the devil which appear true.

I will not give up.

Though Satan attacks or any of his wards,

I will still be confident,

Because Your promises are yes and amen,

even when they appear untrue.

I will no longer let the fear of the enemy drive me,

I will rather be driven by the truth of Your words,

Scorning the foe and resisting his whims.

I know and I am sure that greater are You that live in me than the spirit who lives in the world.

But even if I am sore afraid and scared,

I will tell You my fears and worries,

while I wait on You to quieten me with Your love.

©2017, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Stand Stubbornly

textgram_1493239415Stand stubbornly on the promises of God, trusting in His mercies, until they become your reality and experience. Those promises are true, they are yes and amen.

II Peter 1:3
His divine power has given us EVERYTHING WE NEED for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.

II Peter 1:4
Through these He has given us His very great and precious promises, so that through them you participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.


© 2017, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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In Christ Alone (Yoruba Translation)

I am so glad and grateful to God for the grace to translate this powerful hymn. I am certain someone’s need is being met.

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The Love That Bore My Punishment

Your love for me surpasses all understanding,

It is more than my mind can grasp–

The love that bore my punishment and curses;

The love that took my infirmities and sorrows;

The love that carried my sins–

What else can it not do for me?

I know it is sorting things out,

Putting everything I’ve messed up back in order.

Thank You Jesus.

©2017, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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I remember a chat with an acquaintance of my flatmate who came on visit some years back. I mentioned a certain dream and she whined, “You have stolen my dream, I have the same dream.” I just smiled.

Well, the kind of dream you have is not peculiar to you, many people have similar dreams. And that doesn’t mean they steal it from you. Think about it self, how can a person you don’t know from Adam steal your dream?

But as each person is unique so is his dream even if it is similar to another’s. You want to be a renown songwriter? So many others have that vision too or are already. You want to speak around the world? You are not alone in that thought. Just know that no matter how many similar dreams there are, the content of each dream is unique.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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This Man That I Know


He is a Priest,
He is a King,
And He is the Lord,
This man that I know.

He made a big sacrifice for the whole world,
With His own flesh and blood,
So that sin will no longer have a hold
On as many who accept Him,
And so that they may be made right with God
And become His children.

He is a warrior who never loses any battle.
He breaks heads and fills lands with corpses.
He fights for the cause of His own,
And yes, He will rule and reign forever–
This man that I know.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Be You

Don’t strive to be who you are not just to please people. You will eventually get enervated from pretending and ache to return to you. Why, because it hurts to not be you.

Look at it this way, whether you are you or not, some people will still form hurtful opinions about you, cook up stories about you and choose not to see whatever good you do. So why not just be you instead of going though the hell (yes, it is hell) of being who you are not?

Being you might gore some poeople’s ox, but that won’t be your problem but theirs so far you is not a sin. Anyone affected by your being yourself has issues and should deal with it. Be you.

PS: The you here is not condoning personal issues you need to work on.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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