Speak The Word


Despite the chaos at the beginning, the Spirit of the Lord was on the earth, hovering over the waters, in the midst of the formlessness and emptiness. He was present, but nothing happened on the chaotic earth until God spoke.

“Let there be light.” And there was light.

The Spirit of God is in the midst of the turbulence of our world today. He is right with you, as He promised, in the midst of that situation. But. He will/may not do anything until you speak His word into that situation. Speak and keep speaking, speak His word. Don’t stop speaking if it seems nothing is happening, encourage yourself and keep it going. It is just a matter of time, you will see the results.

#lettertoself #notetoself #keepspeaking #thewordworks #ihopeitblessesyoutoo

©2018, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde


About Ayustoppydaykay

I am Ayobami Temitope Kehinde, a prolific writer. The posts here are my brainchildren and a lot of them have been featured on my Facebook wall and pages before now. I write inspirational stuffs, fictions, non fictions, poems and plays and sometimes I resort to humour. You may not copy any of my posts without acknowledging me as the author. Thank you for checking up my blogs. I know you will love what I have here. I can also be found on http://randompoemsofmine.blogspot.com/, http://preciousay.blogspot.com/ and http://mycollectionofyorubahymns.blogspot.com/
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