When folks do not know what to say to you and they really want to say something, they talk about the weather.

I was returning from my mailbox this evening and met one of my neighbours at the front of his apartment which is beside mine. Head clad with helmet, he was with another guy and they were tending to a bike. I hey-ed at them and they hey-ed back. As I held out my key to open the door, he asked a question about the weather. He asked if I knew whether the bad weather would end soon. In my head, I was thinking that the weather was not bad and that I did not watch the TV today and so had no idea of what the weather would be like the next day. I honestly did not know the right response to give him. Finally, I replied.

I don’t really know…. But I do hope it gets better soon.”

“I hope so too, I really do.” He said, with a chuckle.

As I walked in through my door, I remembered reading in books of how people talk about weather, then the whole scenerio made sense. I simultaneously recollected how another youngman, a worker in a hotel I was once lodged in, always mentioned the weather every morning he greeted me.

©2015, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde


About Ayustoppydaykay

I am Ayobami Temitope Kehinde, a prolific writer. The posts here are my brainchildren and a lot of them have been featured on my Facebook wall and pages before now. I write inspirational stuffs, fictions, non fictions, poems and plays and sometimes I resort to humour. You may not copy any of my posts without acknowledging me as the author. Thank you for checking up my blogs. I know you will love what I have here. I can also be found on, and
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2 Responses to WEATHER TALKS

  1. praisegeorge says:

    I am still waiting for one of your ‘longer’ stories.

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