Your Worth


If now that you have ‘nothing’ you don’t know your worth and preciousness, even if you gain the whole world you still won’t know it. The highest you can be then is to be pompous, a way of proving a point (in your own mind) that you have now arrived. Low self-esteem does not respect wealth and fame cannot curb it.

What you are now or have should not determine how you value yourself, a man’s life does not consist in what he has (Luke 12:15). You are priceless no matter what. You don’t have to own a car or ride the best car in town, work on a high-paying job, travel the world, be married (with children) etc to feel good about yourself and hold your head high. Know what God says about your life, His word is the best antidote for a sense of worthlessness. You are worth the priceless Blood of Jesus.

©2015, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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I am Ayobami Temitope Kehinde, a prolific writer. The posts here are my brainchildren and a lot of them have been featured on my Facebook wall and pages before now. I write inspirational stuffs, fictions, non fictions, poems and plays and sometimes I resort to humour. You may not copy any of my posts without acknowledging me as the author. Thank you for checking up my blogs. I know you will love what I have here. I can also be found on, and
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