Africa, Its Towns And Its Humans

Africa, Its Towns And Its Humans

Africa is a biiiiiiiig country with many towns:

In those towns, you will find jungles with a lot of wild animals–

Lions, elephants, giraffes, antelopes, monkeys–name it.

There are a lot of humans there too.

Those humans, hmm, they don’t go to school,

They can’t speak or write pretty Engrish.

Their children are malnourished with bulging stomachs and skeletal bodies;

They feed on less than a dollar a day.

Those people, hmm, they drink dirty water,

They don’t have access to clean water.

Those humans, hmm, they live in mud huts with thatch roofs.

Some of them even dwell on trees with monkeys.

Every house in Africa has at least a giraffe,

That ruminant with long neck, as pet.

It is such a sweet pet too,

It sometimes feed from its owners’ hands.

In Africa, there are no side walks,

No roads, no bicycles, no cars, no trucks, no airplanes–

Those people, hmm, they go on all their journeys on feet, bare feet.

I am one of the human beings from Africa,

Ebony-skinned with a head full of wild, kinky curls.

This human, hmm, she did not go to school

And cannot speak or write pretty Engrish.

I come from that town in Africa called Nigeria.

©2015, Ayobami Temitope

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