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Yesterday morning when I finished my shift, I had to arrange for an Uber cab online to get back home to the staff house. I normally trek ’cause the house is like 15-20 minutes from the office, but it was … Continue reading

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Extra details

Originally posted on SAVE REMI:
‎One day you’re fine and the next you’re not. Sometimes we wonder why bad things happen to good people. Aderemi Ajibade, a friend, devoted husband and future father of by God’s grace amazing children is…

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Here is to women who have rough pasts. Listen (or should I say read) up. IF you have truly repented of your evil ways and asked the Saviour Jesus Christ, into your heart as your Lord and Saviour and you … Continue reading

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Africa, Its Towns And Its Humans

Africa is a biiiiiiiig country with many towns: In those towns, you will find jungles with a lot of wild animals– Lions, elephants, giraffes, antelopes, monkeys–name it. There are a lot of humans there too. Those humans, hmm, they don’t … Continue reading

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God, His Angels And Sex

Angels on guard do not hide their faces or express disgust when married people are making love. In fact they are joyful because it (sex) is beautiful and holy within the context of marriage. They don’t hide their faces and … Continue reading

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Your Worth

If now that you have ‘nothing’ you don’t know your worth and preciousness, even if you gain the whole world you still won’t know it. The highest you can be then is to be pompous, a way of proving a … Continue reading

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