“We believe that God means for Christian parents to be the primary sex educators of their children. First messages are the most powerful; why wait till your child hears the wrong thing and then try to correct the misunderstanding? Sexuality is a beautiful gift; why not present it to children in the way God intended? Why not establish yourself as the trusted expert to whom your children can turn to and find out God’s truth about sexuality?” ~ Stan and Brenna Jones (The Story of Me, Book 1)

I was typing these words on my phone to send as a message, but alas, my phone’s auto editor didn’t like the words ‘sex’ and ‘sexuality’, it edited ‘sex’ to ‘sexton’ and ‘sexuality’ to another ridiculous word. I am sure my auto editor has the same syndrome a lot of us have, the syndrome that make us afraid to talk about sex/sexuality when and where it matters most. Parents are either shy or scared to mention the word to their children and they are shocked anytime their child mentions any sex/sexuality related word wondering where s(he) learnt the ‘godless’ word from. Some even complicate it by spanking the child but never really explain the real thing. See, if you refuse to teach your kids about sex, if you choose to not take up your responsibility as their primary sex teachers, there are many ‘smart’ educators out there that will gladly and willingly teach them the wrong way.

Many shepherds of flocks in the Church are also guilty of shying from talking about sex. Anyway, whether we like it or not, church folks have sex in sinful ways. Why not incorporate this teaching into our church programs–Sunday School, Bible Studies, House Fellowships et al and leave enough room for questions and contributions? And when people start asking questions, please don’t shush them into silence in a spirikoko way or because there is no time, make sure every question is well tackled (according to God’s word of course) and where necessary make proper follow-ups. To make up for the no-time challenge, certain Sundays can be dedicated to the teaching, just that it will not be the regular sermon where people cannot contribute or ask questions but an interactive session.

Note that pastors are not the only shepherds in the house of the living God, if you are responsible over a person or a group of persons, you are one. However you cannot give what you don’t have (Matthew 7:3-5. Are you yourself pleasing to God in these matters? If not, retrace your steps and let the Lord purify you and make you whole again.

I definitely have a lot more to say about sex, but I’ll drop my golden pen for now. I’ll be back sometimes soon.

©2015, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde


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I am Ayobami Temitope Kehinde, a prolific writer. The posts here are my brainchildren and a lot of them have been featured on my Facebook wall and pages before now. I write inspirational stuffs, fictions, non fictions, poems and plays and sometimes I resort to humour. You may not copy any of my posts without acknowledging me as the author. Thank you for checking up my blogs. I know you will love what I have here. I can also be found on, and
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