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Soul Deep.

Originally posted on Praise George:
Soul Deep. ‘Mom, are you saying that sex is bad?’ Rita asked. Her mom was silent. She had a far away look in her eyes, something Rita had never seen before. The noise of the…

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DAUGHTERS OF ZELOPHEHAD (Numbers 26:33; 27:1-11; 36:1-12)

Zelophehad had no sons, But he had five daughters worth a hundred sons– Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah–. For they stood their ground in the midst of men, In an era when women were to be seen and not … Continue reading

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I just saw a hen now. She has a grown-up chick which is already a cockerel following her around. I was amused. These animals behave like humans at times. I know this much about chickens because we always have them … Continue reading

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“We believe that God means for Christian parents to be the primary sex educators of their children. First messages are the most powerful; why wait till your child hears the wrong thing and then try to correct the misunderstanding? Sexuality … Continue reading

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I don’t know why male humans (boys and men) are wont to be copy cats, I don’t know. Dating back to children’s church, when we were still boys and girls, I remember clearly some songs that we girls sang and … Continue reading

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