I remember a chat with an acquaintance of my flatmate who came on a visit some years back. I mentioned a certain dream of mine and she whined, “You have stolen my dream, I have the same dream.” I just smiled.

Well, the kind of dream you have is not peculiar to you, many people have similar dreams. And that doesn’t mean they steal it from you. Think about it self, how can a person you don’t know from Adam steal your dream?

But as each person is unique so is his dream even if it is similar to another’s. You want to be a renown songwriter? So many others have that vision too or are already. You want to speak around the world? You are not alone in that line of thought. Just know that no matter how many similar dreams there are, the content of each dream is unique.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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This Man That I Know


He is a Priest,
He is a King,
And He is the Lord,
This man that I know.

He made a big sacrifice for the whole world,
With His own flesh and blood,
So that sin will no longer have a hold
On as many who accept Him,
And so that they may be made right with God
And become His children.

He is a warrior who never loses any battle.
He breaks heads and fills lands with corpses.
He fights for the cause of His own,
And yes, He will rule and reign forever–
This man that I know.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Be You

Don’t strive to be who you are not just to please people. You will eventually get enervated from pretending and ache to return to you. Why, because it hurts to not be you.

Look at it this way, whether you are you or not, some people will still form hurtful opinions about you, cook up stories about you and choose not to see whatever good you do. So why not just be you instead of going though the hell (yes, it is hell) of being who you are not?

Being you might gore some poeople’s ox, but that won’t be your problem but theirs so far you is not a sin. Anyone affected by your being yourself has issues and should deal with it. Be you.

PS: The you here is not condoning personal issues you need to work on.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Speak Life Over Your Children

I just now remember how my mum told us about a wife of one of her older cousins, Iya Segun. Iya Segun used to sing for her son, Boda Segun, when he was a toddler like this:

“Segun a di lawyer lola o.
“Segun a di doctor lola o.”
“Segun will become a lawyer tomorrow.
“Segun will become a doctor tomorrow”

Boda Segun did not grow up to become a lawyer or a doctor, but he grew up to be a success in his chosen field. Will I even recognise the *boda if I see him today? I might, and might not. It’s been so long I saw him last.

My point? Parents, speak life over your children, even if they could frustrate sometimes. Bless them and do not curse. Speak life over them, you’ll see the dividends of those words eventually.

*Boda–a corrupt way of saying brother in Yoruba.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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ZEPH 3:17

Sing for me, Father,
Your sweet sweet melody.
Calm me down, dear Lord,
With Your pure pure love.
Sing for me, sweet Father,
And calm me down with Your love.

Dance for me, Father,
I know You dance too.
I want to see Your matchless steps,
The ones the best of dancers cannot beat.
Dance, Father, dance,
You are the Lord of the dance.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Above The Storm


Like an eagle,
I am rising above the storm,
My youth is being renewed
‘Cause I’m shedding old feathers for new ones.
I am pressed but not crushed,
Persecuted but not abandoned
Struck down but not destroyed.
I am sure that now it will be said of me,
“See what Yahweh has done.”

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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The Best Story Rewriter

Something about history is it is not partial. It tells your story just as it is. Hope people will not wince and curse the memory of you when they read about you in the annals. There is always an opportunity to rewrite your story so far you still have breath in your nostrils.

I know someone who is the best story rewriter. He specializes in giving people new beginnings, if they will trust Him with their lives and follow Him. He is Jesus Christ, the Righteous.

Embrace Him and embrace life (John1:4).

©2015, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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In His Time

Earlier this year, I had a dream. In the dream, it was already August (but it wasn’t August in real life). A sister was asking me how the month of August had been for me and if I had a testimony yet. Calmly, I replied that I hadn’t any yet but was sure it would come. She went on to complain she had yet to get all the things she hoped the month would bring her. I then explained to her how I understand that we are the ones who need to have time divided into units i.e. years, months, weeks, days etc.. God is not boxed by time. He Himself it is who has times and seasons in His hands. He does things in His own time and when He does, they are always beautiful.

So why did I share this dream? I did because we are a few days to the end of the year. You might be worried that a particular testimony you are expecting to manifest in 2020 is yet to, you need to understand it will happen in His time. Yes, it may happen before the year rolls away, but if it doesn’t, don’t feel bad and think God has forgotten you. He is constantly working on your behalf and is set to comfort you for all the times you’ve known hurts and pain. Be rest assured that God is mindful of you. Do your own part in the place of prayer and take any physical step you ought to take, but do not bother if it doesn’t happen before the end of December 31st.

Your change is coming for sure and it will be beautiful when it shows forth. Keep holding on and waiting upon God for it’s only when you wait that you eventually get your strength renewed, soar on wings as eagles and obtain the promise (check Isaiah 40:30-31 and Hebrews 10:36). Also, be careful to not settle for the devil’s alternative because you badly want an answer. Wait for the original answer from Yahweh. It is worth waiting for. Don’t settle for bronze when His plan for you is gold (Isaiah 60:17).


© December 2020, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Overcoming the Grasshopper Syndrome 2

Run to the Word!

The problem with the grasshopper syndrome is even when you eventually get everything you’ve ever wanted, you will still not feel good about yourself. You will always have an unwholesome need to prove a point and show “them” you’re also at home. People will think you are confident but it’s all an air. Deep down you are not okay and still secretly envy that fellow who does not have as much as you do but understands his worth and has a healthy dose of confidence.

You don’t want to keep seeing yourself as a grasshopper anymore, do you? Run to the Word for refuge, the antidote is all over in there.

© December 2020, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Overcoming the Grasshopper Syndrome

We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.”
Numbers 13:33 NIV

Fellowshipping with God’s word and seeing yourself in it or owning it helps you overcome the grasshopper syndrome. The grasshopper syndrome makes you think too little of yourself. Will you take God at His word and believe what He says about you is true?

If you belong to Christ, one of His sure words to you is that you are His treasured possession. How does a person who knows s/he is God’s cherished possession see and carry him/herself? Another thing He says about you is that you are a shoot He has planted and an oak of righteousness for the display of His own glory. How does that sound? Isn’t it a privilege to be chosen to showcase the grandeur of the most important Person in the entire universe?

You also must understand that your worth is not tied to what you currently have or don’t have or what you are or aren’t. You are worth the blood of Jesus. Paraphrasing Anthony Brown’s words, Jesus thought you were worth saving and He came to change your life. He thought you were worth keeping and came so you could be cleaned up inside. He thought you were to die for and He sacrificed His life. Can’t you see how precious you are?

© December 2020, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Men of Integrity

Over the past few years, I’d had to live with a few families at some points for one reason or the other. Everytime I look back, I am grateful for the men of those homes because I don’t have to cringe whenever I remember them. I can’t imagine having any unseemly memory of them and I’m most thankful I don’t. They’re all Christian men by the way and I must say they are great examples of what Christians should be. I know it’s a normal thing for a man to not take advantage of females under his care but unfortunately we have many abnormal stories, so that anomalies have become normalcy, today.

We still have men of integrity, who do not tarnish their garments with sexual inappropriateness. I am happy to say I know a few of them.

© December 2020, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Devil’s Alternatives

As you pray and trust God for His divine visitations in the few days left in the year, beware of the devil’s alternatives. Satan has imitations of each blessing you seek. Be discerning enough to separate a beautifully wrapped but bad package from the real deal. Yes, we are going to grab hold of our Father to change our stories but we are not going to let the enemy hide under our quest for change to shortchange us with fake answers to our prayers. We are waiting on God until His own answers come.

© December 2020, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Yorubaness (Or Should I Say Humanness?)

I am a Yoruba lady and I suffered from the h-syndrome (or h factor). The first time I would know I had that ‘ailment’ was during my NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) days, when Adebawealth, a friend, mentioned it. To say I was shocked was an understatement, I never knew I had such a defect. She said all Yorubas, even professors, have the syndrome except if they do not grow up among fellow Yorubas. She obviously does not have the condition as she was brought up in the northern part of the country.

“You that will pronounce ‘I’ or ‘eye’ as ‘hi’ and ‘hi’ as ‘I’ or ‘eye’.” She had analysed.

Consequently, I define h-syndrome as a condition that makes the sufferer add ‘h’ in unnecessary places and throws it away where it matters without knowing. Since then, I have been conscious of myself when I speak to make sure I put the syndrome at bay. This syndrome is so stubborn because sometimes when you are trying hard to subdue it, it rears its nonsense head and still makes you mispronounce. Today, I was checking a YouTube video I posted sometimes and found that magnanimous YouTube had subtitled for me. I wasn’t pleased with that because I did not send them message. As I kept watching, I saw my name subtitled as ‘haigha family’. For the subtitle to have started with an h implies that I pronounced ‘Ayobami’ as ‘Hayobami’. I didn’t know I was not the only one conscious of the tendency until one night like that I watched one of Teju BabyFace shows. He pronounced a non-h-word and then had to check himself to see if he didn’t add ‘h’.

Anyway, as I try to consciously avoid the syndrome, I am not ashamed of my Yorubaness. And to be candid, speakers of other languages have their own syndromes too. Ebira people and certain dialects in Igboland pronounce ‘ri’ as ‘li’ and vice versa. I remember a story that
my mum told us about the Ebira people (the corrupt form is Igbira which Yorubas always use) in Ibadan. Sometimes in the 70s, Olubadan (the sovereign monarch of Ibadan land) made an Ebiraman a chief. In gratitude, all the Ebira people went around the town singing, drumming and dancing:

“Orubadan f’Igbila joye, a dupẹ!
Ni ‘sanre ‘jebu/3×”

Orubadan f’Igbila Joye

They should have sung it like this, but for their ri-li syndrome:

“Olubadan f’Igbira joye, a dupẹ!
Ni ‘salẹ ‘jebu/3×”

“The Olubadan made an Ebiraman a chief, we jubilate!
Where did it happen?
At Isale Ijebu/3x”

What about Akwa Ibom/Calabar people’s tendency to elocute ‘judgement’ as ‘jushment’; ‘gi’ as ‘ki’ and vice versa and the Hausas that turn ‘fi’ to ‘pi’ and ‘pi’ to ‘fi’?

I, in fact, realised some years back that it is not only people from Ibadan and Osun State in the western part of Nigeria that call ‘si’ ‘shi’ and vice versa. Certain tribe(s) in Delta State do have that issue too. Let me shock you, some Indians also suffer from this speech defect. I used to have a training instructor that always said ‘si’ instead of ‘shi’ and ‘shi’ instead of ‘si’. There is a tribe like that in the Bible as well, the Ephraimites. There was a time their brothers had to fight them and the method used to identify them was asking people to pronounce ‘Shibboleth’. They knew quite well that the Ephraimites would call it ‘Sibboleth’.

Some people from certain countries say ‘why’ as ‘vhy’ and ‘vie’ as ‘wie’. Others say ‘the’ as ‘za’. All oyinbos, Latinos and Asians and even some fellow Africans cannot say the sound ‘kp’ neither can they say ‘gb’. ‘Gbola’ must become ‘Bola’ and ‘Temitope’ (you pronounce the p as /kp/) ,’Temitop’, except they consciously make the extra effort to make those sounds correctly.

I remember an old colleague once tried to correct my r. He is European oyinbo and we were in France. I pronounced a French word and he said my r was incorrect. I rolled my eyes at him and told him he couldn’t pronounce some sounds in my tongue either and should leave me alone. The way he was telling me to pronounce r is the very way we tag as bad r pronunciation in Nigeria. I remember how my mum ‘persecuted’ me when as a child I pronounced r that way. She thought I was affecting it. But I wasn’t, it just happened on me. I would sit down by myself and practiced calling the letter the Nigerian way before it got corrected. It was that hard labour my colleague wanted me to throw into the ditch. No way!


Based on the passage above, interpret the following sentences:

1. Give me zhat book.
2. You said I should drink vine? I don’t take anything made from the wine.
3. Prease play for me, I need players.
4. My priend, good job! You deserpe a fat on the back por a job well done.
5. Ko and gome bagh.
6. Ello, you har so cute. Hi love your heyes.
7. Shomebody sout halleluyah!

©2017, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Work on Your Sight

Photo by fotografierende from Pexels

You see the back of another person’s head and mock its shape,
But do you know what yours look like?
How are you sure yours is not worse-shaped than the one you’re mocking?
It’s so easy to assess other people and judge them through our own myopic lens
While we are actually worse than them but foolishly think we are better.
That someone doesn’t fit your picture of great does not mean they aren’t
And it doesn’t mean you are.
You need to work on your sight,
Because if your eyes are full of darkness,
You will never see anything good about others.
Or maybe I’ll say you should remove your coloured shades so you can see clearly.
Above all, deal with your own hurts and insecurities.
It’s a proven fact that hurt people hurt others
And insecure people always find ways to make others feel insecure too.

© August 2020, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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I’ve got friends in high places —
The Almighty Father is my Sponsor,
The Alglorious Son is my Ally,
The fireful Holy Spirit is my Champion.
And what is more, the holy angels are my attendants!
So, you see, I’ve got friends in high places
And I cannot be moved.

©August 2020, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Joy and Mirth

Titters –
All these and more You’ve filled my heart and mouth with.
At a time when it appears the fig is not budding,
When it seems there are no grapes on the vine,
You have filled my heart with joy,
My mouth with squeals of delight,
Bursting forth peals of laughter
More than when their grain and new wine abound.

©November 2020, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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The Word

The word of God is powerful,
The word of God is strong,
The word of God is indeed living.
It is truly sharper than any double-edged sword.
It has the ability to break us down
and transform us.
No wonder the devil does everything possible to keep us from the Bible.
He knows the power that the word carries,
He knows the Word God is.
So, he will keep doing his best to keep us away from the Word.
Who will you allow to win —
The Word or the devil?
Know this,
That the Spirit of the Lord is there to help you,
Confess your struggles to Him.
For when the enemy shall come like a mighty flood,
He, the Spirit of the Lord, will raise a standard against him and send him on his heels.

©June 2020, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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