I remember a chat with an acquaintance of my flatmate who came on a visit some years back. I mentioned a certain dream of mine and she whined, “You have stolen my dream, I have the same dream.” I just smiled.

Well, the kind of dream you have is not peculiar to you, many people have similar dreams. And that doesn’t mean they steal it from you. Think about it self, how can a person you don’t know from Adam steal your dream?

But as each person is unique so is his dream even if it is similar to another’s. You want to be a renown songwriter? So many others have that vision too or are already. You want to speak around the world? You are not alone in that line of thought. Just know that no matter how many similar dreams there are, the content of each dream is unique.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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This Man That I Know


He is a Priest,
He is a King,
And He is the Lord,
This man that I know.

He made a big sacrifice for the whole world,
With His own flesh and blood,
So that sin will no longer have a hold
On as many who accept Him,
And so that they may be made right with God
And become His children.

He is a warrior who never loses any battle.
He breaks heads and fills lands with corpses.
He fights for the cause of His own,
And yes, He will rule and reign forever–
This man that I know.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Be You

Don’t strive to be who you are not just to please people. You will eventually get enervated from pretending and ache to return to you. Why, because it hurts to not be you.

Look at it this way, whether you are you or not, some people will still form hurtful opinions about you, cook up stories about you and choose not to see whatever good you do. So why not just be you instead of going though the hell (yes, it is hell) of being who you are not?

Being you might gore some poeople’s ox, but that won’t be your problem but theirs so far you is not a sin. Anyone affected by your being yourself has issues and should deal with it. Be you.

PS: The you here is not condoning personal issues you need to work on.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Speak Life Over Your Children

I just now remember told us about a wife of one of her older cousins, Iya Segun. Iya Segun used to sing for her son, Boda Segun, when he was a toddler like this:

“Segun a di lawyer lola o.
“Segun a di doctor lola o.”
“Segun will become a lawyer tomorrow.
“Segun will become a doctor tomorrow”

Boda Segun did not grow up to become a lawyer or a doctor, but he grew up to be a success in his chosen field. Will I even recognise the *boda if I see him today? I might, and might not. It’s been so long I saw him last.

My point? Parents, speak life over your children, even if they could frustrate sometimes. Bless them and do not curse. Speak life over them, you’ll see the dividends of those words eventually.

*Boda–a corrupt way of saying brother in Yoruba.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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ZEPH 3:17

Sing for me, Father,
Your sweet sweet melody.
Calm me down, dear Lord,
With Your pure pure love.
Sing for me, sweet Father,
And calm me down with Your love.

Dance for me, Father,
I know You dance too.
I want to see Your matchless steps,
The ones the best of dancers cannot beat.
Dance, Father, dance,
You are the Lord of the dance.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Above The Storm


Like an eagle,
I am rising above the storm,
My youth is being renewed
‘Cause I’m shedding old feathers for new ones.
I am pressed but not crushed,
Persecuted but not abandoned
Struck down but not destroyed.
I am sure that now it will be said of me,
“See what Yahweh has done.”

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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The Best Story Rewriter

Something about history is it is not partial. It tells your story just as it is. Hope people will not wince and curse the memory of you when they read about you in the annals. There is always an opportunity to rewrite your story so far you still have breath in your nostrils.

I know someone who is the best story rewriter. He specializes in giving people new beginnings, if they will trust Him with their lives and follow Him. He is Jesus Christ, the Righteous.

Embrace Him and embrace life (John1:4).

©2015, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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The Dungeon

He dug a dungeon,
Padded it and made it comfortable.
Then he dropped me inside,
I was unsuspecting, didn’t know I was in a trap.
Then he locked the door, carefully.
I saw him hack the key into pieces,
I watched as he flung the pieces away.
In his mind, I was forever his captive.
The well-detailed conspiracy had perfectly worked out,
His finest manipulations had not failed him.
He guffawed in glee and nodded his head, satisfied.


But I cried out to my God,
I called on Him in my distress.
I confessed my foolishness,
How I had used my own legs to walk into this pit
And how I was sorry.
My Father, my Lord,
The One who does not need a key to unlock a door,
Òun gangan ni the Way, Òun gangan ni the Key.
He came and he opened the door,
He reached out His mighty arm and drew me out;
Bearing me in His powerful but tender arms.
He kept patting me on the back to reassure me of His love,
To comfort me for I was as frightened as a mouse.
He brought me out and restored me,
Washed me clean and made me whole again.
How can I forget this much that He did for me?
But for His mercies!

©2018, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as [a service] to the Lord.


It is good to observe the note on this verse, according to the Amplified version (check the attached image). A woman is neither inferior to men in general nor to her husband. She should not be subject to men in general but to her own husband as a service to the Lord.

Now, submission is not something to be taken advantage of by the husband so that he sees his wife as his inferior and slave and treats her thus. No. She is not inferior to him neither is she his slave. Submission means honouring, respecting and deferring to her husband even though she knows she is equal to him. And this she does as a service to the Lord, who has so structured the family such that the husband is the head (the leader) of the wife, albeit they are both equal in His sight.

Thus, a Christian woman who wants to always please her Lord seeks God’s help to submit to her husband even when it is not convenient. She will not always feel like it, but her love for her Master is her spur.

Is submission a reason for a woman to sin against her Lord? No. A service unto the Lord should be pure and holy (Romans 12:1-2). Therefore, if a husband expects his wife to submit to him by corroborating his sinful intention at one point or the other, her submission to Christ supersedes. She will submit to Christ and not fulfill the evil desire(s) of her husband. She will have to honourably make it clear to him that her loyalty to Christ is first and supreme, thus she will not wrongly submit to him and violate her fellowship with her Lord by compromising her Christian ethics.

Someone might want to give the example of Sarah’s agreeing to cover Abraham’s half truth (half lie) before Pharaoh and Abimelech as a reason for a woman to submit to her husband even when he is pushing her to sin against God. You get it wrong. Abraham and Sarah were wrong on these two occasions and we shouldn’t emulate those actions of theirs at all. Yes God fought for them and didn’t allow the two monarchs to touch Sarah. But it still doesn’t make what they did right.

Remember Sapphira. She also agreed with her husband to lie, only this time to the Holy Spirit, and she got destroyed with her husband. Also recall how Sarah stood fiercely and demanded that Abraham sent Hagar and her son away from her son, Isaac. What does that tell you? To me, it means that submission does not mean a wife’s voice is lost in her husband’s, it doesn’t mean she is voiceless neither does it mean she doesn’t have a say in the affairs of her marriage.

To reiterate, submission is honouring and deferring to the authority of a person even if he/she is your equal. It is also yielding to someone who is not an authority in your life and letting them win as seen in Ephesians 5:21. We all have had class reps and governors in school. They were in the same class with us and we were equals, yet we respected them and yielded to them without losing our own unique and individual voices.

©2018, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Full-time Ministers


The concept of full-time and part-time ministry is somehow to me. We are all full-time ministers of God. We should represent Jesus wherever we are and shine our light in our little corners. Being a child of God is a full-time business. I don’t have to be a conventional “pastor” or go to the seminary to be a full-time minister of God. I am one already by the virtue of being born again.

I remember telling a younger acquaintance how God has called everyone who has come to Him through Jesus Christ. We are all His special possessions, a kingdom of priests, a chosen people so that we might declare His excellencies anywhere and everywhere (Exodus 19:5-6, 1 Peter 2:9). Every child of God has the call of God on his life, and it is to live for Him. Now, that call is valid and active whether God will have you serve Him as a writer, as a singer, at the pulpit, in a classroom, in a hospital, on a mine, on an oil rig or anywhere else.

It is expected of you to be faithful wherever God positions you. If every child of God is a conventional pastor, who is going to reach out to those who need the gospel in the schools? How will those who don’t know Him at the hospitals hear about His love? How will the workers on oil rigs be illuminated with His light?

We all need to change our mindsets. God looks to get fruits from you right where you are, sis! You are the light of the world, bro! You are supposed to be the salt where you are, seasoning up the place! What has gone wrong with us all? How did we get to the point of limiting God’s ways only to being pastors, going to seminaries or Bible school? No wonder fellow brethren are quick to tag any sister or brother who is sound in God pastor’s wife or pastor. I do always say this, if you let what people label you as lead you into taking steps you ought not to take, you are on your own.

If because everyone calls you pastor and “prophesies” it into your life you assume you have to go to the seminary, when God does not say so, it is your umbrella, iwo lo mo o, na you sabi. And if because people have told you your brand of women end up marrying pastors and so go and say yes to that guy because he is a pastor, when you have no witness in your spirit to do so, you will have yourself to blame.

If you are born again, you are a full-time minister. It doesn’t matter whether you work in a church as a pastor or something else or not. Every child of God should desire and pursue depth and soundness in Christ, we all have the same access to Him. Therefore seek genuinely to know Him and get rooted in Him through His word and prayers.  Stephen was an “ordinary” disciple, not among the “special” apostles, yet he was described as being full of faith, of the Holy Ghost, of grace and of power (Acts 6:5 and 8). Phillip was just a deacon but he did great exploits in Samaria, raised four sexually pure daughters who were prophetesses. You can also do great exploits where you are, as an “ordinary” child of God. You can win souls to the kingdom, we are all meant to tell others about our Lord (Matthew 28:19-20). You can heal the sick and raise the dead, yes! He gave us all the promise in Mark 16:17-18.

Exploits are not the exclusive rights of pastors or any other ordained minister in God’s house. His word says THOSE who KNOW their God shall be strong and do exploits, not pastors who know their God. This is a call to sensitise you to who you are in Christ, brethren. Wake up to your responsibilities. Take your place in Christ. If you are not called to be a pastor, you are called to declare and show forth His excellence in your tiny little corner.


Now therefore, if you will obey My voice in truth and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own peculiar possession and treasure from among and above all peoples; for all the earth is Mine.

And you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests, a holy nation [consecrated, set apart to the worship of God]. These are the words you shall speak to the Israelites.
Exodus 19:5‭-‬6‭, ‬32 AMPC

But you shall be called the priests of the Lord; people will speak of you as the ministers of our God.
Isaiah 61:6a AMPC

…but the people who know their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits [for God].
Daniel 11:32 AMPC

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a dedicated nation, [God’s] own purchased, special people, that you may set forth the wonderful deeds and display the virtues and perfections of Him Who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. [Exod. 19:5, 6.]
1 Peter 2:9 AMPC

And formed us into a kingdom (a royal race), priests to His God and Father–to Him be the glory and the power and the majesty and the dominion throughout the ages and forever and ever. Amen (so be it). [Exod. 19:6; Isa. 61:6.]
Revelation 1:6 AMPC

And You have made them a kingdom (royal race) and priests to our God, and they shall reign [as kings] over the earth! [Exod. 19:6; Isa. 61:6.]
Revelation 5:10 AMPC


©2018, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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The Rock of Rocks

Deuteronomy 32:4

He is the Rock, not a rock but the Rock. Rocks generally are susceptible to weathering and could metamorphose over time, but the Rock of rocks can neither weather nor change in form. He is unchangeable and immovable. No earthquake can uproot or swallow Him.

Who else is the best to rely on if not this Rock? I may not understand a lot of things right now, but I can trust in the Rock who changes not. There is no shadow of turning with Him. Everything He does is perfect and He cares for me.

All His ways are just. He is faithful. Faithful means loyal, consistent, constant, unswerving, dependable, unwavering, true, devoted etc. Think about all those words, I bet you God is more than all that. I am sure they are all understatement when it comes to describing Him. He is upright too and there is no wickedness in Him. Selah!

©2018, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Speak The Word


Despite the chaos at the beginning, the Spirit of the Lord was on the earth, hovering over the waters, in the midst of the formlessness and emptiness. He was present, but nothing happened on the chaotic earth until God spoke.

“Let there be light.” And there was light.

The Spirit of God is in the midst of the turbulence of our world today. He is right with you, as He promised, in the midst of that situation. But. He will/may not do anything until you speak His word into that situation. Speak and keep speaking, speak His word. Don’t stop speaking if it seems nothing is happening, encourage yourself and keep it going. It is just a matter of time, you will see the results.

#lettertoself #notetoself #keepspeaking #thewordworks #ihopeitblessesyoutoo

©2018, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Zeal Without Knowledge

Proverbs 19:2

Zeal without knowledge is dangerous and making hasty decisions gets you into trouble. How true!

I had been burnt a number of times in the past because I was zealous without knowledge. People, note something, foxy and dangerous people are out there in the world and they know the meaning of this proverb. Be on your guard against people who come at you to rush you into making one decision or the other.

I was duped of $450 once by a phone call scammer. He used the rush and haste tactic. I needed money at that time and I thought it was God’s answer to my prayer, I ended up losing from what I didn’t have. I was foolish. I also at a time allowed a young man rush me into a relationship. (I actually knew so much when it comes to matters like this, still do, but I foolishly allowed myself to be rushed and manipulated).This was a man that shouldn’t have passed a hello or someone I should never have met at all. It was still this rush and haste tactic he used on me only it was cloaked with an appearance of godliness this time. Thank God I broke free from his snare by God’s help at the nick of time.

I am prone to making decisions on impulse. But I have learnt the hard way, after getting hurt several times. I should be grateful my gracious Father did not allow the consequences to be more than what I experienced as they could have been worse. Even in my folly, He was watching out for me.

This is why I cry out so much for wisdom. I had done a lot in the past that spelt foolishness. I trust the Father that He is replacing my stupidity with wisdom, insight and sound judgement. How do I know? I know because of Proverbs 2:6, James 1:5 and Matthew 7:7.

To reiterate, avoid making decisions on impulse, be sure your excitement and zeal are balanced with knowledge. Don’t rush into anything and don’t let anyone rush you. He who trusts in Jesus will not make haste. Isaiah 28:16.

©2018, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Why You Should Marry Your Type


When people of similar spirits (the same type, kind or brand) marry themselves, life is very easy. Unnecessary conflicts will be avoided and they will keep growing into each other. A grasshopper couple, if they expose themselves to the words of life, will keep changing in their reasoning and in the way they see themselves, before they know it, they become Calebs.

But if a Caleb (most of the time female Calebs) thinks s/he can change a grasshopper and goes ahead to marry him/her, it is always not a nice story. You cannot change anybody to your type. You can only influence. It is not your ministry to convert anyone to your type so you can marry them. They may pretend to have changed to your taste, but believe me, they know what they are doing. They know your worth and will go any length to let you believe they are what you want.


It is hell on earth to marry a grasshopper when you are a Caleb. Let the grasshopper go find his/her own type. You will be hurt and frustrated. A grasshopper will always seek to pull down his/her Caleb spouse to his/her level. And if the Caleb will not yield, there will be clashes in the marriage.

PS: Marrying your type doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges in your marriage, but some unnecessary dramas will not come up at all as you are dealing with your kind.

©2018, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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