I remember a chat with an acquaintance of my flatmate who came on a visit some years back. I mentioned a certain dream of mine and she whined, “You have stolen my dream, I have the same dream.” I just smiled.

Well, the kind of dream you have is not peculiar to you, many people have similar dreams. And that doesn’t mean they steal it from you. Think about it self, how can a person you don’t know from Adam steal your dream?

But as each person is unique so is his dream even if it is similar to another’s. You want to be a renown songwriter? So many others have that vision too or are already. You want to speak around the world? You are not alone in that line of thought. Just know that no matter how many similar dreams there are, the content of each dream is unique.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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This Man That I Know


He is a Priest,
He is a King,
And He is the Lord,
This man that I know.

He made a big sacrifice for the whole world,
With His own flesh and blood,
So that sin will no longer have a hold
On as many who accept Him,
And so that they may be made right with God
And become His children.

He is a warrior who never loses any battle.
He breaks heads and fills lands with corpses.
He fights for the cause of His own,
And yes, He will rule and reign forever–
This man that I know.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Be You

Don’t strive to be who you are not just to please people. You will eventually get enervated from pretending and ache to return to you. Why, because it hurts to not be you.

Look at it this way, whether you are you or not, some people will still form hurtful opinions about you, cook up stories about you and choose not to see whatever good you do. So why not just be you instead of going though the hell (yes, it is hell) of being who you are not?

Being you might gore some poeople’s ox, but that won’t be your problem but theirs so far you is not a sin. Anyone affected by your being yourself has issues and should deal with it. Be you.

PS: The you here is not condoning personal issues you need to work on.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Speak Life Over Your Children

I just now remember told us about a wife of one of her older cousins, Iya Segun. Iya Segun used to sing for her son, Boda Segun, when he was a toddler like this:

“Segun a di lawyer lola o.
“Segun a di doctor lola o.”
“Segun will become a lawyer tomorrow.
“Segun will become a doctor tomorrow”

Boda Segun did not grow up to become a lawyer or a doctor, but he grew up to be a success in his chosen field. Will I even recognise the *boda if I see him today? I might, and might not. It’s been so long I saw him last.

My point? Parents, speak life over your children, even if they could frustrate sometimes. Bless them and do not curse. Speak life over them, you’ll see the dividends of those words eventually.

*Boda–a corrupt way of saying brother in Yoruba.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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ZEPH 3:17

Sing for me, Father,
Your sweet sweet melody.
Calm me down, dear Lord,
With Your pure pure love.
Sing for me, sweet Father,
And calm me down with Your love.

Dance for me, Father,
I know You dance too.
I want to see Your matchless steps,
The ones the best of dancers cannot beat.
Dance, Father, dance,
You are the Lord of the dance.

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Above The Storm


Like an eagle,
I am rising above the storm,
My youth is being renewed
‘Cause I’m shedding old feathers for new ones.
I am pressed but not crushed,
Persecuted but not abandoned
Struck down but not destroyed.
I am sure that now it will be said of me,
“See what Yahweh has done.”

©2016, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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The Best Story Rewriter

Something about history is it is not partial. It tells your story just as it is. Hope people will not wince and curse the memory of you when they read about you in the annals. There is always an opportunity to rewrite your story so far you still have breath in your nostrils.

I know someone who is the best story rewriter. He specializes in giving people new beginnings, if they will trust Him with their lives and follow Him. He is Jesus Christ, the Righteous.

Embrace Him and embrace life (John1:4).

©2015, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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It was a beautiful night,
A holy night,
That night that Christ was born.

He came as a wee baby,
Was born in a manger,
A most unlikely place to find a king.

Many a prince are born amidst the tenderest care and pomp,
But the Prince of Princes chose a stable,
The most humble birth.

What a paradox!
Baby king born in a manger!
Yet, this He did for my sake.

He was born as a sign to be spoken against.
Many rose and fell because of Him.
And His unjust death shot an arrow through His Mama’s heart.

He was born to die, for you and me:
The Sovereign God who came as man
And walked upon this filthy soil.

©2019, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

Merry Christmas everyone!IMG_20191223_123321_714

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How Deep Is Your Beauty?


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Complete In Wisdom

Jesus was complete in wisdom. He had the right answer to every question thrown at Him by His jealous antagonists.
He still has the right answers for your questions today. He is still complete in wisdom and will be forever because He Wisdom is. He is the Wisdom of God, wisdom personified. Ask Him those questions with an open mind, He will answer you. He is Lord forever.

©September 2014, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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My Man

My man will not just be gifted (in talents and gifts of the Holy Spirit), but He will also be a disciple.
He will not just be anointed, intelligent, focused and handsome, he will also be a man who hungers and thirsts after righteousness.
He understands the concept of creation and knows that God created them male and female from the beginning.
He knows his wife is a wo(mb)man (not Eve) that was made to be his helpmeet from his own rib (not from his skull, metacarpels or metatarsals) and she is not in any way inferior or superior to him.
He doesn’t think women are second class citizens who should bow to every man on the street, rather, he honours them.
He respects the sacredness of the marriage bed and trusts the Lord to help him maintain it.
He knows I am not perfect as he is not, but that we have a perfect Lord who daily helps our imperfections.
He is responsible in every sense and full of heavenly wisdom and I am not afraid to submit to him….
I know much more about this man after God’s own heart–
He has so many names, some of which are Sweetheart, Darling and some others that are not common–
I am grateful to the Lord for Him.


©September 2014, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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How To Be Concerned About Single People


If you are indeed concerned about a single somebody around you, who by societal standard is due for marriage, below are ways to show you are genuinely interested in their well-being:

• While this might not be common, be certain the person you are concerned about is interested in ever getting married. There is no point getting worried over someone who is not interested in marriage. Mark you, everyone doesn’t have to be married in this world.

• If whatever you want to say to a single person on maritals is out of pity, bite your tongue and choke back the words. No one likes to be pitied plus being single is not a disease.

• Don’t advise single people to just look for someone and marry. Did you just marry anyone? And if you did, everyone else doesn’t have to follow your footstep so please keep that opinion to yourself.
A woman once advised a person close to me to just find any man and marry, she reasoned that since this person is educated, she can fend for her family even if the husband is irresponsible. Quite appalling, right? The so called adviser also has a daughter that is much younger and I am sure she would never wish her such.

• Don’t assume that the reason a single friend or acquaintance is yet unmarried is because (s)he is too picky. This is one of the assumptions that get single people piqued at CCMs (CCM stands for Concerned Committee Member). It is actually easy to make unreasonable conclusions and assumptions about others. Maybe you should try to step into their shoes to see if indeed they are being picky or not. You see, we all have this silly tendency to think we can wear other people’s shoes better than they are doing, forgetting that our shoe sizes differ.

• Keep your go-and-marry jokes and teasing to your self. If you are not someone’s personal person, I mean close pal, some jokes are inconvenient. It’s a different case if single people crack such jokes among themselves or involves a married person who is a friend (and who has not being a pain in the buttocks trying to pressure them into marrying).

• Before you open your mouth to say anything to a single person, out of concern, about getting married, check to see how you will feel being told such a thing if you are in the person’s shoes.

• Don’t give a suggestion you will never give your own children (or won’t be pleased when others do) to another person’s son or daughter just because in your own estimate, they are late for marriage.
Unfortunately though, some parents also push and pressure their children into entering hellish marriages. If you are such a parent, today is the day of salvation. It is high time you repented and stop being your child(ren)’s enemy via your actions.

• Don’t be a jerk and a monitoring spirit, mind your own business. Someone posted a flier for a program, bearing her picture and two other guys’ somewhere, an older CCM called to ask what she was still doing on marriage and if any of the guys on the flier hasn’t proposed to her. Can you imagine?

• If a single person tells you (s)he would rather not have a discussion with you on marriage, please respect their wish. Don’t push it. Otherwise, you are being a pest.

• Don’t advise a single person to pretend to be what they are not so they could attract a partner. For instance, “counseling” an outspoken single lady to pretend to be reserved because men don’t like “lousy” women or telling an intelligent lady to tone down her brilliance so she can attract a man. Like really? When you do that, it shows that you are really not concerned but an enemy. Do you know what you are trying to do? Teaching the person to be deceitful and thereby destroying them! A pretender will attract a partner who wants someone with the same personality (s)he is trying to affect. We all know that pretense can only last for a while.

• If your favourite hobby is matchmaking singles, do well to seek the consent of the people you want to matchmake before distributing their contact details around. Not everyone is interested in being matchmade, so be sure your intended good doesn’t end up being interpreted as evil. Má lọ kanra ẹ lábùkù lọ́dọ̀ àwọn èèyàn. Don’t end up making yourself an object of contempt because you refuse to balance your zeal to see people marry with knowledge.

• If you have a troubled marriage, don’t stylishly advise single people to prepare for the kind of adversity you are experiencing in your marriage. If you are truly concerned, you will try all your possible best to warn and guide them so they don’t end up like you.

• Don’t pester single people with who-is-the-lucky-guy-or-lady kind of questions. If they think you deserve to know who they are marrying, they will let you know when it happens. Don’t be pesky, it is exasperating.

• Don’t assume a person is yet to marry because (s)he has not been praying well or has not visited certain prayer mountains. How do you know that, are you God? By the way, some people never prayed any serious prayer, yet they are very happily married and will continue to be till death do them part. So, stop being like Job’s friends in the Bible who opinionated that their friend’s troubles were because he sinned.

• Genuinely care for other areas of the lives of singles you know. Life isn’t all about getting married, having children and dying. Encourage them to maximise their potentials and be the best versions of themselves. Be a spur to them in pursuing their God-given goals and dreams.

• Pray! Pray!! Pray!!! The best way to be truly anxious for eligible bachelors and bachelorettes around you is to intercede. If you claim to be bothered a person close to you is yet to marry and you don’t ever pray for him/her, I don’t think you are really concerned, because if you truly are, you will pray for them.

©2019, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Because You Love Him


The reason why you will step on lions and vipers and not get harmed is because the Lord rescues and protects you. He rescues you because you love Him. It’s not like we have the strength to love God but He provides the strength by first loving us. He gave us Jesus even while His enemies we were.
Have you received God’s love through Jesus? Do you love Him in response to this matchless love? He longs for you to love Him through the strength He supplies. Remember His promise that can be counted on: “Because you love me, I will rescue you. I will protect you because you know my name.” Psalms 91:14 GW

©2019, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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Ask For Rain

“Ask for rain from the Lord at the time of the spring rain. It is the Lord who makes the thunder clouds; And He will give them showers of rain, grass in the field to everyone.” ZECHARIAH 10:1 AMP

It just clicked now, reading this verse again that I am being told to ask the Lord for rain at the time of the spring rain. One might be tempted to say, “But it is the season and God knows He should normally send it, so why ask?”

Well, I am encouraged to ask even if it is the season and ask I will. I want to believe that God delights in us asking Him for our needs and wants in prayer. He loves to see us talk to Him out of trust.


He knows everything we need and want. He knows every desire of our hearts even before it is voiced, yet He commands us to ask (Matthew 7:7-8). It is those who ask that receive. So, get to it, sweetie, ask away until your joy is full.

©2019, Ayobami Temitope Kehinde

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